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> I am currently using an iBook G4 and normally when I view a pdf file
> from the internet, it automatically opens with Preview. However, a
> few months ago, I installed Acrobat, only to decide that I liked
> Preview better. So I trashed the Adobe Acrobat program, but now,
> every time I try to open a pdf file, a finder window pops up asking
> me to choose Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to open the file, and
> since I don't have it anymore, if I click on Cancel, then the page
> becomes white with nothing on it at all. Furthermore, when I try to
> open another pdf file, it automatically goes white.
> Can anybody help me so that I can go back to opening pdf files with
> Preview?
Here are some instructions for changing from Preview to Acrobat Reader
configuration. You should be able from these directions to figure out
how to change back to Preview:

To configure the MAC to open all PDF with Acrobat Reader:
1. Move the cursor to one of the pdf file icons and click once on one of
the icons in the CD to highlight it (the icon will darken).
2. Hold down one of the "command keys" (located left and right of the
space bar, marked with a sort of double infinity sign and the apple
logo) and then type the letter "i".
3. That will bring up an information box describing the file you have
4. Part way down the left side of that information box is an arrow next
to the label "Open with"
5. Click on that arrow
6. That section of the info box opens up to reveal a horizontal window
with up and down arrows at the right side
7. If that window already reads "Acrobat Reader 5.0" stop immediately,
you are done, but if not:
8. Click on the arrow pointing upward to scroll upward to Acrobat Reader
9. Below the window in which Acrobat Reader now appears, a text message
will read:
"Use this application to open all documents like this."
10. Below that message is a button labeled "Change All", click that
11. This will open up a dialog box to the right will read either:
"You don't have the privileges to change application for this document
only. Do you want to change all of your .pdf documents to open with
Acrobat Reader?"
"Are you sure you want to change all your Acrobat Reader 5.0 documents
to open with the application "Acrobat Reader 5.0"?
12. In both cases at the bottom right of that new dialog box is a button
labeled "continue"
13. Click on the continue button and close the information box
14. The icon you started with will change appearance, and will now open
in Acrobat instead of Preview
15. That and all other pdf files will now automatically open in Acrobat,
as the default application
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