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"Last year, I wrote a piece entitled "App Store: I'm Out", which got a
little attention. As strange as it feels to be in a position where I
have to explain myself, I thought I should write about why I'm again
working on an iPhone OS product."

And why is he back:

"iPhone OS is the first mass-market operating system where consumers are
no longer afraid to install software on their computers (I¹m not
counting read-only media software platforms like games consoles here).
In a conversation recently, a friend recounted a scene that he passed by
in an airport. Four fifty-something women were sitting at a cafe table
discussing the latest apps they had downloaded on their iPod touches.
New software can¹t break your iPhone OS device and, if you don¹t like
it, total removal is only a couple of taps away."

That's why.

     No, it's about money. Apple wants you to buy all the Apps
from them rather than getting free ones that work on the iPhone.
I mean think about it. No hardware maker should give a rat's
festering ass about what software you run on YOUR device.

So you mean Microsoft shouldn't ban modded XBox's from XBox live or
Nintendo shouldn't sue the makers of R4, a cart that allows Homebrew
games, or Sony shouldn't disable Linux support for the PS3?

They shouldn't, and they haven't.

Well you're wrong... ...again...

You have me confused with Alan Baker.

...about the XBox.


"16.  Service Operation and Equipment.

The Service may only be accessed with an original Xbox, an Xbox 360
console, a personal computer, or other device authorized by us, or by
logging into your account via You agree that you are using
only authorized software and hardware to access the Service, that your
software and hardware have not been modified in any unauthorized way
(e.g., through unauthorized repairs, unauthorized upgrades, or
unauthorized downloads), and that we have the right to send data ,
applications or other content to any software or hardware that you are
using to access the Service for the express purpose of detecting an
unauthorized modification."

How do those words block somebody who is using a modded XBox? There's no
active blocking by Microsoft, either in firmware or at their site.

Oh, and the Playstation 3


"The late March update for the PlayStation 3 restricts the installation
of an alternative operating system to the console's native OS. The
feature, called 'Install Other OS,' has been removed, three years after
the console's introduction, "due to security concerns," the company said
in a blog post. "

This from the guy who's always complaining about what I don't include in my

Your article is about Sony being SUED for doing that. So you must think
Apple deserves to be sued as well, right?

Note also that is the removal of the feature from NEW PS3, not firmware to
block a feature from existing products, such as Apple has done with its

Oh, and Nintendo:


"Nintendo has recruited a total of 54 other companies and is launching a
new lawsuit against the makers and distributors of the R4 Revolution
device for the Nintendo DS. "

"The R4 is typically used for running homebrew games made by bedroom
coders, but can also be used to run pirated games and emulators - all of
which Nintendo frown on."

"Nintendo's new lawsuit is aimed at stopping the manufacture and sales of
the R4 and the court case is being supported by companies such as SNK,
Capcom, Square Enix, Tecmo and The Pokemon Company. "

So what you have is Ninetendo et el doing is blocking the sale of a device
that facilitates piracy, not blocking the running of homebrew software.

Your poor reading abilities and lack of cognitive skills have been your
undoing... again.

Your straw man didn't stand up even long enough for you to topple him.


You didn't even make it to the end of the post before words failed you

What about MS not allowing *any* native third party apps on WinMo 7
forcing all apps to run on top of .Net or Google not allowing apps to
run on external SD cards forcing you to install all apps on the
limited internal memory?

Even if any of that were true it wouldn't be the same thing Apple is doing.

And why wouldn't it be, Edwin?

For all of the reasons you have already been given, Alan.

wants the iPads and iPhones closed to the competition so they
can fleece the fools. Of course there are hacks and what not but
Apple will probably remotely "brick" your device if you dare
stray from the Apple/Jobs flock. Praise the lawerd!


I know you hate to let silly things like facts fet in your way,

A lifetime of irony packed into a single sentence fragment... how does he
do it?


Can anybody read those three letters any more without immediately being
reminded of how lame Alan Baker is?

Apple repeatedly states that iTunes is barely profitable. This chart
shows where Apple's *revenue* (not profit) comes from.....

iTunes accounts for the profitability of both the iPhone and the iPad.
They screw the content makers to get people to buy their hardware, so
naturally iTunes doesn't make as much money as does the hardware, but the
two are inseparable.

How do they "screw the content makers", Edwin?

Read the NG! Use Google to supplant your convenient memory.