Re: Glasser Pathological Liar Compilation

Fa-groon stated in post 0001HW.C7382021000D031FF01846D8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on
11/29/09 1:57 PM:

On Sun, 29 Nov 2009 08:41:25 -0800, Joel wrote
(in article <b195h5dfnh64nq3hcf765cumih9b18onro@xxxxxxx>):

Snit <usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Carroll and Sandman have been compiling and forging derogatory quotes about
me since 2004. Since they cannot quote me actually doing what they accuse
me of, they pretend that "eye witness" accounts - many of them obvious socks
- mean something.

I collected quotes about Steve for one month... and there were dozens.
Steve and the "clique", of course, pretend those do not mean anything...
just more of their desperate double standards.

They do not understand how they prove themselves to be liars every day - no
need to dig back half a decade.

It's very clear that your enemies have nothing useful to contribute.

But, his enemies are legion. You must admit, there has to be a rational
explanation for THAT.

He has:

you expose them, and like so many bottom feeders, they can't
stand when someone calls them on their crap.

Yup... the bottom feeders like to lick my bottom. :)

Keep in mind, Joel, that most people who post here have Snit/Michael Glasser
kill-filed and won't read his posts or respond to him AT ALL.

Yet I get so many responses from so many people. How do you explain that?

Those masochists among us who, for some bizarre and unfathomable reason, still
engage with Snit and argue with him endlessly over nothing important, have all
but destroyed this NG and have probably sent many people packing. Those
100-or-so quotes that somebody repeatedly posts here from posters past and
present about how reviled Snit is, are, I suspect, just the tip of the

Yes: obsessively collecting and dishonestly fabricating quotes is just the
tip of the iceberg of the idiotic attacks the "bottom feeders" have made.
They have contacted family members and my employer, have threatened to get
me fired - even if they have to "twist arms" to do so, have accused me of
contacting their family members, have claimed I have called them directly,
have seeded Google with my business name and their trolling to try to hurt
my professional reputation, they have accused me of sexual harassment and
even of rape. Really - the dishonest quoting is merely a very, very small
tip to the iceberg.

Snit seems to be universally loathed and despised. This universal loathing
seems to cross all social, political, and platform boundries. A Mac-loving
Liberal college student is just as likely to revile Snit as a PC-loving,
right-wing, septuagenarian.

Did you need to take of Steve's shoes to collect those opinions? :)



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