Re: Apple Mini is so bad, Dell has copied it.

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On 11/16/2009 10:21 AM, Lloyd Parsons wrote:
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No bluetooth, not even an option.

Unnecessary. Bluetooth for desktops is an overrated and a mostly
useless feature anyway.

I don't agree, but it isn't a huge disadvantage to not have it.

sound limited to 2.1 audio, so poor for HTPC

Not that big of a deal. For<$40.00, a 7.1 USB sound device can be added.

I tried to find out a bit more about that audio option. Does it feed to
the HDMI output? I sure couldn't find anything that says it does. If
it doesn't that is a big disadvantage for HTPC useage.

Good question. I imagine that it would, but probably only @ 2.1

Which would suck for HTPC useage.

What might be a better question is would it support 7.1 via HDMI if
one ordered a Zino with the ATI Mobility HD4330 option? The HD4330
supports 7.1 according to AMD.

Might be an option, but then on these smaller boxes, the power supplies
can be dicey when you start adding things. Hell, they get dicey on lots
of the bottom end towers for that matter.

In fact, it was the reason I went with a Dell Hybrid for my HTPC. DVI
and optical audio just isn't the same as full HDMI compliance. And it
just makes for a bigger PITA of connections and selections via an AVR.

Personally I would have preferred the Mac Mini for my HTPC, but Apple
hasn't supported HDMI except on the AppleTV.

Frankly, I think that DisplayPort is a bit more forward looking on
Apple's part, but widespread adoption is still a couple of years down
the road. Still though, HDMI is here now, and by the time DisplayPort
is widespread and in use by general consumers, it'll be time to
replace both the Mini or the Zino anyway. ::shrug::

I think so too. But if all the DRM crapola that HDMI has to support
isn't there, and neither is audio right now, it isn't the way to go.

Let's wait and see what bubbles up as time goes on.

Slower processor

Any disadvantage is easily offset by the fact that the Zino has a
dedicated graphics option w/up to 512MB of memory as opposed to the
Mini's 256MB of shared memory nVidia 9400 IGP option.

I'm not sure you are correct in this assumption.

For just DVD playback, it isn't all that big of an advantage BUT if
you were to connect an external USB based TV tuner (Like Hauppauge's
1950 unit), it can make a big difference on video overlay. It would
make a difference on a lot of games as well (although I don't see this
as a gaming box in general).

Gamers wouldn't like it as it doesn't have flashing lights and shit for
them to drool over!! :)

And the gamers really like to be able to tweak just about everything
inside the box.

As to video from DVD and the USB tuners, I doubt it would be an issue.
The mini does just fine in both those instances.

What would be more taxing would be BluRay playback,

But you get faster HD.

Not bad, just not great.

I'd say its very _comparable_. Not decidedly better or worse either
way (overall), nor is it a Mac Mini "killer" per se, but very comparable.

No it isn't a 'killer' product, but it is a pretty good step for Dell.
It is much bigger than the Mini in all directions, most likely for

That would be my guess as well -- that and possibly for a bit more
room internally for the graphics add-on option.

Pretty good comparison, either one would be a decent choice for HTPC,
although the Dell may or may not be better in connection to the home
theater, depending on how that upgraded audio and HDMI go together.

Frankly, until all GPUs out there fully support PAP (protected Audio
Patch) natively, I really don't see *any* of these SFF boxes being
what *I* consider ideal HTPCs. ;-)


Well, even though I'm using my Hybrid as an HTPC, and I've seen some
other setups, so far I'm underwhelmed. In fact, I use my Hybrid so
little because the standard Vista screen on my 61" JVC sucks rocks, that
I'm thinking of making it for a music 'book' provider.

You know, turning a monitor to portrait orientation and using software
to display on screen as sheet music. I'm still toying with that idea
while looking for an inexpensive monitor that will sit that way on the
music stand on my organ.