Re: ZFS officially dead on OS X, internal file system effort picks up steam

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On 10/23/2009 10:16 PM, ZnU wrote:

ZFS, it now appears, might have been prevented from becoming the default
next generation file system on both OS X *and* Linux by licensing

That's why the Linux community switched pretty fast to BTRFS

Btrfs is maintained primarily by Oracle, and exactly what's going to
happen now that Oracle also owns (or is about to own) ZFS is rather hazy.

Apple will probably be fine developing something internally; their file
system team is pretty solid, and includes a couple of former ZFS
developers (as you might imagine, some Sun developers are looking for
other opportunities right now) and the guy who implemented BeFS.

And what's extra funny is that none of the involved licenses are
really "proprietary" licenses; it's all just pointless open source
license incompatibility.

I see you know a lot about Open Source Licences! So what? There should
be only one? Or the GPL and CDDL are about the same and the Linux
community shouldn't care about those extravagant matters and let every
company write its own open source license and agree with every one?

People should release code they want other people to use under licenses
that allow others to use it.

Oracle should just release it under a BSD license once their acquisition
of Sun is finalized.

Uncle Jobby would really like this! He could lay his dirty hands on it,
switcheroo it a little bit here and there so that it's proprietary,
present it to you as his creation and make you pay big wampum for it.

This doesn't appear to have any relationship to how Apple has interacted
with the open source community thus far.

It's probably worth noting that Apple is the chief maintainer of one of
the most important bits of open source software in the industry, WebKit.
(Yes, it was forked from KHTML. But practically everyone uses Apple's
fork, and it's essentially certain at this point that Apple has written
far more WebKit code than was inherited from KHTML.)


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