Re: Neither Apple developers nor others have mastered MIDI

Using GB 3.0.4 was able Ito import and playback both files, but not
without some alternations in sound, sustain pedal and tempo. Garage Band
is the program to use and I was able to import the stomp1.mid into GB
and play it back without a stop. The sustain pedal effect, recorded
real-time in the MIDI, was not as pronounced as when playing back on a
PC. GB gave the file a sound of harder attacks on notes when they
actually should sound more in the background, as a part of the sound
mass. The GB playback sounds a bit dryer and more mechanical although
it got the notes and the tempos.

Still tinkering with pfheaven.mid - I dragged it into GB and found that
I had to delete some flute tracks at the bottom. GB identified empty
tracks with text info on them as flute tracks. Also, a conductor or
tempo track at the top was also identified as a flute track. The
original tempos are not followed - did not import correctly. When you
play it back, the tempos change in the wrong places, so against here is
evidence that the file import changed the original and would have to be
edited to get the tempos back to where they belong. This is not a
real-time recorded performance but a coded one.

Later versions of GB do have limited notation capabilities - that is,
they are not going to do what Finale, Sibelius or even Logic Pro or
Logic Studio etc will do. But, it does have basic elementary to some
intermediate features.

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If you don't find the test MIDI files on alt.binaries.sounds.midi

download the zip at -

What a surprise: you can't even provide a link that works...

It's there - I tested it - you just want to attack the messenger
because you know what I'm saying is the truth.

The files are downloadable from the zip on this page -

the tunes are stomp1.mid and pfheaven.mid - there are a lot of other
files there zipped. I found a large orchestra MIDI in the classical
MIDI zip link on the home page

that also bogged down and quit with QuickTime and other Mac MIDI

If you go to the home page and scroll down or use the MP3 link you
will find MP3 versions of these tunes - if you have a Mac that won't
playback the MIDI without stopping, you can hear what the music is
supposed to sound like. One of the files is broken up into 3 parts
- maybe because of server limitation on file size, according to the
info page.

I tried both from the first link with Garageband, other than GB
setting the instrument as a flute, they both played just fine. And I
could and did change the instrument to one of the pianos

What version of GarageBand? Mine's older and won't import MIDI.

version 4.1.1

And you don't import it in the classic sense, you drag the midi file
into a track.

When I drug (dragged?), these files into GB, it created one track and
it played just fine. I'm not selecting QT sounds for midi though.

One thing I've noted, is that when I drag in a band-in-a-box midi file,
it creates multiple tracks.

That's what I just discovered as well. Garageband seems to handle these
two midi files very well. All I had to do was edit the instrument track
to a grand piano and all was well.

I don't quite understand why it doesn't get the instrument right. When
I import a midi file from Band in a Box, it makes multi-tracks with the
proper instruments.

That could be that his file may very well be messed up. Steve sort of
pointed this out. I get flute from his file. And obviously it should be
piano. Do you know if one can enter sheetmusic in notation form into
GarageBand? I've tried and no luck. :-(