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On 04/21/07, cathead9 <cathead9@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> said: long last. Microsoft is destined to be remembered this way:
"Hey, remember that company that made a buttload of money with all that
crappy software back in the stone age of computing?"

- cathead, vox et praeteria nihil.

I don't see them dying, but rather following a path much like IBM in
the 1980's. Their stock will lose around 30 to 40 percent of its
value, and eventually the institutional shareholders will vote Ballmer
out. It may be far too late to turn the company around by that point,
but MS has enough cash to just buy a couple of viable software


MS has never had that "vision" thing, but has been able to enter
emerging markets and capitalize on their ability to execute (and tie to
Windows). It's pretty predictable strategy that seems to yield fewer and
fewer dividends with each try.

Yea they sure missed out on the game console market. We sure know they
missed out on the video game industry. Video games make more money than the
movie industry.

The 80's and 90's were such meteoric decades that MS will surely suffer
by comparison from now on. Bill will walk away and disassociate himself
from MS' descent into typical moribund corporatehood. Unless some rogue
faction can rise from within and lead the company in a new direction.
Might not be a bad thing.

You're totally crazy. Look at Apple Computer Inc., oh wait, I mean
Apple Inc. They seemed to have dropped "Computer" from the name I wonder
why. They're putting less and less impasis on the Mac and OS X. They decided
to even stop making traditional Macs and turned them into PCs. They used to
have different processors and other components. Now you open up a Mac and
it's like opening up a Dell or HP. Though for some models ou need a paint
scraper to open them. Bottom line is Apple moved into moneymaking markets.

Microsoft moved into moneymaking areas like video game consoles and
games. Microsoft's net income for last year was $12.6 billion. Apple's net
income last year was $1.73 billion. Now with all the success Apple has had
with the iTunes store and the iPod, Microsoft's net income is over six times
what Apple's is. Only a damned fool would think MS is going out of business.

They may lose money but it will be a long long time before they lose
enough to close down.

Look forward to the day when we look at Apple and MS without such
religious fervor. Apple's renewed fiscal health and growing mainstream
acceptance will hopefully bring some balance to the rhetoric for all,
but the "lost causes".

That day has already arrived for most users. The religious fervor
comes form these crazy Mac kook zealots and their Windows-Using
counterparts. Most users just look at these companies as having something to
sell. They could both go under and the majority of people would not bat an



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