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Because of recurring comments such as the following from Nashton:

"I can, at this point in time, take an iMac, use bootcamp
and completely delete the MacOS and run Vista until
the cows come home."

I thought it might be useful to look at the "Is / Is Not!" controversy
and offer up a simple definition to resolve this debate.

Suppose we do the following:

a) Take a 'virgin' PC from whoever's factory

b) Remove its HD

c) Replace the HD with a 'virgin' one from a HD manufacturer
(Note: a bulk-eraser taken to (b) and then reinstalled is probably

d) Choose an OS that we want to claim that this hardware is compatible

e) Buy a CD or DVD based copy of whatever OS this is

f) Insert CD/DVD into drive & boot the PC off of same

g) Format the HD & Install the OS

h) Reboot the PC from the OS just installed on the HD; Complete

Now if we were to do steps A-H, can we agree that this is the gold
standard that pretty definitively proves that said PC hardware was
fully compatible with whatever OS we selected in D?

And can we also agree that if any more steps have to be performed in
order to get a particular set of PC hardware to run a particular OS,
that it falls short of this gold standard?

I call Macs Wintel boxes because I got tired of explaining what a PC
is every time I call the Mac a PC. They know that PC means x86 but they use
the argument over the acronym to start a pointless argument. Macs are
capable of running Windows so I will call it a Wintel box. There are
countless times when all PCs, no matter what they had installed, were called
Wintel boxes.

Oh. Well, then. By the same standard, I shall call PCs Linux boxes.

My boss bought me ten Linux boxes. I installed Windows Server 2003 on
one of them and SuSe Enterprise Server on nine of them.

My boss bought a coworer a Linux laptop. She installed OS X and Windows
XP on it.

I have an old Linux laptop that I have only OS X running on. I used to
have about ten old Linux boxes that ran System 7 and MkLinux.

How cool, John. You've come up with a perfectly useless way to make a

Timberwoof <me at timberwoof dot com>
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Level 2 Linux technical support: Write The Fscking Code Yourself!

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