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I won't register to read more -- this is obviously written by someoen
who is only checking a list of new features, not someone who knows what
is already in the OS.

Okay, in summary then:

Bundled applications: Vista 8, Tiger 5
Wow -- it seems most of the industry disagrees with that!
And aren't the applications one of the things that Microsoft hasn't
distributed yet? How are these being reviewed?

Perhaps you ought to read it, just to ease your curiosity. ;p

Anyway, this issue alone has been the most discussed elsewhere on this
thread. Clue: It excludes iLife.

Ecosystem: Vista 10, Tiger 9
What is this? Someone judging Energy Star compliance, or packaging?

The ecosystem of computer ownership, i.e. availability of compatible
software and peripherals. Hardly surprising Windows comes out ahead
here, but quite surprising they chose to put OSX not so far behind.

To quote: "Anything you want to do on a PC, you can do on a Mac,
although you may have to find alternative routes. The argument that Macs
are poorly supported is as much a fallacy today as it always has been."

How about that then? :)

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