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Chris Clement <chris.clement@xxxxxxx> wrote:

The biggest annoyance I have with my Dell laptop is using an external
monitor. XP refuses to remember the position I left my monitor in
relation to my laptop when I plug it back in. It is always set to the
right of my screen while my monitor is actually to the left. So I have
to go into Display properties every time and readjust. But then a new
problem pops up. All the icons on my desktop suddenly MOVE to the
monitor that I just readjusted to the left. I didn't tell Windows to
move my icons over to the external monitor. It just did it by itself.
Can I drag them back? Some, yes. But here's the problem: the external
monitor has a smaller resolution than my laptop screen. Obviously that
is a problem for windows because XP wants to move my icons to the same
relational position on the screen that they were on my main screen. So
some icons end up not being on the screen AT ALL. In XPs mind they are
just above the top of my monitor...floating in mid air. Only way to
get them back is to unextend my desktop to my external monitor and then
re-extend and pray Windows figures it out this time.

I got a 20" Dell monitor, and very nice it is too. When I tried setting
it up as an additional screen with my Windows machine the amount of
fiddling around, setting resolutions, etc, etc, was unbelievable. I
plugged the Dell into the DVI socket on my powerbook, hit F7 to use it
as an addition to the desktop and that was it.

Why oh why does Windows have to be so difficult?

Most people wouldn't publicly confess to being this inept. Its quite a
simple, straightforward process. If you really had trouble with it you
should box up everything you own more complex than a socket wrench and
send it back as you're too stupid to operatre any of them.

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