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My sister called me yesterday needing a new computer. Her old PC had died.
Her usage profile is that she wanted a machine for the next three years. She will run Office, sync her bluetooth cell phone with Outlook, games for a 3 and 5 year old. She will do some home movie editing, as well as the usual home stuff (Quicken, etc).

I priced the following machines out for her.
Dell 2001FP 20.1 inch flat panel: $559.30 (my opinion, best deal for the $$)
HP Pavilion 4100e: $1279.00 ($1129.00 if she remembers the rebate)
- Windows XP Home with SP2
- AMD Athlon64 3500+ (not going to do an Intel!)
- 250GB hard drive
- Lightscribe 16X DVD burner
- 56K modem
- 256MB DDR NVidia GeForce 6600
- 1 year warranty
Total: $1,838.30 (1688.30 after rebate)

iMac G5: $1848.00
- 250GB HD
- 20" screen
- modem
- wifi
- bluetooth
- 1 year warranty

A couple of things. The three year warranty on the Mac is $169. The three year warranty on the HP is $239. She was entertaining these options. She will also need to buy a bluetooth adapter for the PC for her cell phone.

The PC was advertised initially as "$749."

My point in all this is that when you are looking at functional configurations, the Mac is $9.70 more expensive. If you are one of those people who follows up on rebates, you will save a whole whopping $159.70. This price difference is functionally noise. If you add in the blue tooth adapter, and if she goes with the 3 year warranty, even that rebate starts to evaporate.

Shipping on both was free. The Mac would ship in three days, the PC will not be built for 2 weeks.

She ended up going with the PC. Her reasoning was that she had too much invested in PC software right now.

So much for the Mac being significantly more expensive...
What CPU does the i-Mac have?
2.1GHz G5. Plenty for what she needed.
I'm sure it's more than adequate.

The question I should have asked : How do the two compare - I know the AMD is dual core - is it also more expensive?

You're really showing your ignorance zara.

1st it was the water cooled Dell.
and now this? The AMD 3500+ is *NOT* dual core.
To be a dual core athlon, it would be an AMD Athlon X2
And they start at 3800+.

You're about as good as TM at advocating your platform of choice. Ignorance must be bliss....

You know - I am sorry - please accept my apologies, I read the wrong info - I'll try to be a little more thorough
in the future. And I do appreciate being educated.
When I said "I know" - that was the intro to a question.
I didn't say I KNOW - as Pus Bucket Lars implies. He's one reason why I dispise so many Maccies. But not all.

Do your friggin' homework next time :)

There are a lot of ignorant zealots in here. But you trying to be an anti-mac advocate, *AND* being ignorant, is, well... just as bad as the zealots.

I honestly don't know why they'd spend so much on the PC side of things...
I just helped a new co-worker buy a new Dell.
Dell 9150 with an Intel Pentium D 820 Dual core 2.8GHZ. 1 gig of ram, PCI-E ATI X600 256 meg, 19" LCD, 16X dual layer DVD burner, 160 gig HD for $1045 after rebates.

So, instead of them spending $1800+, they could have spent $1350(after $100 rebate). To the ignorant consumer, Macs and PCs are priced pretty comparatively. But for those of us that actually KNOW what we're doing, it's easy to save several hundred bucks.

Here is the specs to what I would have suggested, similarly equipped to the HP & iMac.

Now, if I didn't do any gaming or Cad/Cam work, I would personally pay the extra $ for the Mac. But that's me. But if I were to build this for myself, I'd add the GeForce 7800, And I'd add another gig of ram, for a total of 2 gig

So, for $1932(including shipping and tax, after rebate), I'd have a pretty kick ass computer, that's far more comparable to the single processor/dual core G5 that starts at $1999.

But I'd have a FAR better video card
4x the ram
90 more gig of HD space
and a 20.1" flat panel monitor.

I did not want to go with Intel. The Intel dual core is a complete crap design.

That's a foolish reason not to go with this system. If this system is faster than the one you assembled it doesn't matter how poorly designed Intel's dual core offering is. It's still faster for less money.

If Dell made an Athlon system, I would have been willing to look at it.

That's a foolish position to take. While I prefer AMD's processors to Intel's I'm not going to cut off my nose to spite my face. If one can get a better performing Intel system for less money that should be all that matters.


1) It is not clear that she would see the advantage of a dual core processor

The task that eliminated the $299.00 Dell most likely would: Movie Editing. The other tasks likely would not and would easily be met with the $299.00 Dell quoted earlier.

2) Why waste the power?

Then you should go with the $299.00 Dell as it would easily handle the tasks you've listed. With an increase in memory even the movie editing would be sufficient for her needs.

3) I don't support spending money on crap.

This is just plain stupid if the "crap" is better performing and costs less money.


A Dell at $299 is not going to outperform what I spec'd out, now is it?

The configuration that I spec'd should also run Vista when it ships. Adds some longevity to the platform.