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>> >but since he doesn't matter anyway, here's those lies(which he would
>> >call them since it's a "maccentric" site. No matter that they're
>> >unsolicited, but a response to a previous article also posted here)
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >"More sad tales from schools that have gone Wintel"
>> As I've pointed out to you numerous times these stories you like to
>> point to and act as if they're above reproach fall into two groups.
>> Group One is the totally unidentifiable school or individual. They
>> tend to have extremely severe problems that cost millions of dopllars
>> to fix.
>These accounts aren't above reproach, but the problem (for you here) is
>that for the most part, no matter the geographical location, the stories
>are more or less the same and tell of the same problems.
>It seems neigh impossible that all these schools could have the same
>problems since they don't talk to one another. Even you can't explain
>your way out of that.

LOL! Are you really this thick, Jim? This is not unlike people who
claim that aliens must be real because everyone describes the same
They don't need to call each other. They can get their descriptions
from public sources such as newspaper articles or rabid anti-Windows
Maccie websites.
In the case of Windows articles on Maccie websites its either the
publishers making them up themselves or accepting anonymous,
unverifiable postings at face value because they fit the publisher's
world view. If its the anonymous postings route then chances are its
from a small pool of individuals who do this kind of thing. Most
people have better things to do. The similaritiy between every
description is almost certainly more a testament to these people's
lack of creativity than it is anything else.

>> example: I'm a teacher at an elementary school in the southeastern
>> part of the country. One day all of our Windows machines caught every
>> Windows virus in existence at the exact same time and quit working. We
>> had to hire consultants to get them back up and running. It cost us
>> forty bazillion dollars. Now we have no money for maintenance. Loose
>> bricks are falling off our buildings and killing students. Its all
>> Windows fault.
>Hmm, let's see. What has the *hioles* first, the admins or Windows?
>Clearly if Windows had no vulnerabilities, there would be nothing to
>You do know about the chicken and the egg I suppose?

That wooshing sound was the point sailing over your head.

>> Group Two is the kind where the school and individual is actually
>> named. They tend to have smaller, more realistic problems that are
>> rather easily solved.
>> example: My name is John Smith. I teach seventh grade at Smithville
>> Middle School in Smithville, Nebraska. Our school system recently
>> changed over to Windows but I still want to use my Powerbook where I
>> can. However, I can't get it to log onto the Windows network at
>> school. What can I do to solve this?
>Only one of *many*kinds of problems that some schools have.

Do you know what the word 'example' means?

>> You'd have to be either blind or a rabid partisan willing to believe
>> anything with no proof so long as it fit your myopic world view to not
>> notice the glaring distinction between the two.
>While you try to distill problems into two categories, it isn't that way
>in real life.

It is with your Windows has problems at a school' posts.

> Still, you avoid and side-step the fact that all these
>folks, en masse, can't be the 100% wrong that you like to make them out
>to be, or the liars you want them to be since it can't be a problem with
>Windows, but always in your eyes, a problem with the users in the

Go back and reread my post slower. Hell, have a small child read it
and explain it to you. Then come back with a reply to what I actually

>How myopic you are when it comes to tech in education.

Says the guy in a school district where 'tech is implemented
correctly' but 1/3 of its students are below standards and trending

"I have had lots of viruses on my Mac..."

Jim Polaski

"I guess you're not ...a liar"

Joe Ragosta