Re: This Day In History - August 24

"Houston CAPCOM" <capcom@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> On 2005-08-25 07:58:57 -0700, Nicholas Buenk <morn@xxxxxxxxxx> said:
>> Houston CAPCOM wrote:
>>> Please. XP is certainly an efficient vector for viruses. OS X allows me
>>> to get work done, not constantly spend time patching and worry about
>>> every mouse click and what kind of spyware or malicious virus might be
>>> infecting my system. XP is less shitty than ME, 95 or other Windows
>>> variants, but shit is still shit.
>> Viruses on XP aren't that big of a deal, install norton once in a while,
>> run it once a week, it removes viruses and spyware, big deal.
>> That being said, I do banking on my mac, it is more secure.
> You make my point for me. You have to pay for Norton and run it once a
> week (!) just to keep XP virus free. You also need to run your spyware
> checker to make sure that you're not being snooped on. None of that
> bullshit is necessary on OS X.

Which is not a big problem, norton anti-virus also scans for spyware. And
norton came free with my motherboard.