Re: Most limited Netbook ever made!

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I often use Kommander on my 2G Surf, but that probably wouldn't
impress you much either.
Well if you like it and you being a respected member of this community, it is worth checking out. <grin>

On my 2G Surf netbook Kommander was already installed, just hidden.
Asus apparently thought that Firefox was the better choice for the
general non-Linux public. Try typing "Kommander" in the terminal
window to see if your Eee already has it. If so it's easy to add to
the IWM Start menu.

Okay 20 seconds to boot up Xandros. Had a long wait for the wireless to connect though.

/home/user> kommander
bash: kommander: command not found

Nope! I guess it isn't there. <sigh>

So what is this IWM Start Menu? Advanced mode? The KDE desktop?

Opera itself is near perfect, but it falls short when it comes to Firefox and/or IE only scripts. It has to be something, doesn't it?

Depends on what you do. I like to read newspapers and news sites which
is mostly text and photos. So I actually like the Firefox 2 that came
on the Surf. I use the Noscript add-on which removes the moving ads
and speeds up the page loading. But yes on my Windows machines I have
them all, Opera, Chrome, Safari ect and IE of course.

Good deal!
Come on really? Did you try it?

No I have no need of IE6. Question is did you try it? You were the one
who wanted IE6 on Linux. Nothing ventured nothing gained...

No I always hear complains about it and it sounds nice for a limited amount of Windows applications. But if you are running it on your Surf, than it is worth checking out.

I have been following Wine years ago and they made a name for themselves by getting MS Office to run. Do you really believe they really have moved on much farther?

Only way to find out is try it. On my Surf I have Sea Monkey and this
Agent newsreader working using wine.

Oh good deal. You have Wine running on your Surf?

Things I though was going well in the early 80's. Commodores booted in like 5 seconds, my Epson PX-8 booted CP/M in like 2 seconds.

My Palms still boot instantly. Upcoming netbooks will have instant
booting to the communication services. I believe one is currently

Someday all machines will be like this. <grin>

I was surprised to find that most of the more common DOS commands I
use to use also work in the Linux terminal window.
Really? Please share. As there was like five basic DOS commands that were built into I'll probably get this partially wrong, but like DIR, COPY, REN, DEL, and TYPE. So which ones are the same under Linux?

These DOS commands work on my 2G Surf:


Oh okay. Well lots of things are far different too.

Asus EEE PC 702G4 ~ 2GB RAM ~ 16GB-SDHC
Xandros Linux (build 2007-10-19 13:03)