Re: Inspiron 6000 LCD - Backlight issue?

The only way in which battery vs. line power should impact screen brightness is that the laptop senses the power source and allows different brightness settings for each power source. Normally, however, laptops run at full brightness on mains and reduced brightness (to conserve battery power and extend battery run time) when running on battery. But either in the BIOS or in Windows, it should be possible to seperately set the brightness for each power mode. In terms of actual hardware failure (backlight or inverter failure), power source should make no difference at all.

edosan wrote:

Hi, I'm experiencing exactly the same problem which coincidently
started after running the computer entirely on mains for about 3 weeks
whilst waiting for a new battery.
Only additional comments in my case is that I have been able to
temporarily rectify the problem by switching off and booting up on
battery power. This has restored the screen flickering at first until I
put it back on mains. Unfortunately it has reverted back to the very
faint screen again twice more. Only other abnormal feature is that the
casing and screen in the bottom right hand corner appears to be getting
very hot, almost unbearable to touch, otherwise everthing is working
Wondered if this gives any more clues to anyone, whether RJ has managed
to fix the computer yet and whether this could be related in some way
to running without a battery for extended period of time.
M.I.5¾ wrote:

"RJ" <kalimantan_man@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I noticed a post from someone else about a possible backlight issue but was
wondering if anyone knew the specifics of the Inspiron 6000 LCD?

I go to school online and usually use my desktop PC but also own a Dell
Inspiron 6000. I have not used the laptop for about 2 weeks and, when I
decided to turn it on yesterday, the screen flickered and then went
completely out during the boot process. I just received my replacement
battery and have tried several scenarios with the AC or battery only or
both. The screen always comes up for a quick second when I initially turn
the power on but then goes out. When the OS completely loads, I can see a
faint image on the screen of the icons and am able to identify the cursor
when holding a light up to the screen. A few times, the screen has flashed
on again but only for a split second. Does this sound like a backlight
issue or some other error? Unfortunately, Dell will not put a live person
on the phone without $$$ since the warranty expired a few months ago.

Also, I have been looking online for either a replacement display or simply
the backlight part and have come across some messages about changing out the
light on your own. One of the sites I came across is and the procedure seems fairly easy
but, after disassembling the laptop panel, there are copperish looking
strips across the back of the display stating "do not touch." Understanding
the problems associated with static electricity, is that just a warranty
warning or can I disassemble further to see if I can access the light
source? It seems that I could save a lot of $$$ by changing the light


Your problem sounds like a fault with the inverter rather than the backlight
itself. It is just possible that it may be a lose connection, but from what
you describe, I doubt it.

Please also note, that by posting in HTML, not everyone will be able to read
it. The preferred format is text only. It also uses up less space on the


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