Re: Contrast Adjust on a New Dell XPS Laptop

Digital lcds (desktop or notebook) never allow you to adjust contrast. Not
sure why, but my digital Dell 2405fpw does not allow it either, (same as my
old samsung 172t). It must have something to do with feeding an lcd a
digital signal, but I'm not sure why. Same thing for my laptop, no contrast
adjustments. You may however want to try adjusting it through software (for
example catalyst control center for ATI cards) or whatever the Nvidia
equivalent is. I'm using Catalyst Control Center and there is a contrat
adjustment in there.
"cuda3406" <cuda3406@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have the M170 it has no contrast adjustments either. That was the
first thing I looked for. Excel spread sheets hard to read at high res
and the grid almos inverts color on the edges. I also have the shinny
screen so I see a lot of reflctions. But it glows in 31 diffrent
colors.. woo hoo. Thank goodness they had an off setting for that.
Maybe Dell will read this and add it to a BIOS patch.

Rick wrote:
Greetings. I recently purchased an XPS M140 laptop from Dell, it comes
with a 14.1" WXGA matte screen (not TrueLife). Love the system thus
far, but I'm getting quite a bit of wash-out on screens with a lot of
white. Windows Explorer is a good example - plenty of white
background, which ends up washing out (to some extent - readable, but
hard) the file hierarchy text. I'm wondering how much of this may be a
phenomenon of the matte screen LCD and how much is adjustable. Two
- How much white screen 'wash-out' is reasonable to expect on this
system ?
- Is there a way to adjust screen contrast on this machine ? I'm
aware of the brightness shortcut (Fn up or down), but am unaware of any
such means to tweak contrast.

I already tried Dell Tech Support and got a guy who spent the entire 25
minute call trolling a database for answers - no decent technical
knowledge of his own - with the only suggestion being to look in the
bios settings.

Any help would be appreciated.