Re: Trying to boot Knoppix on my HP Pavilion laptop

Try to reburn the .iso you downloaded using either Nero or Roxio burning
software and select burn from an iso. Use a slower speed than the max speed;
try either 4x or 8x.
Also, check the mdsum of your downloaded .iso to be sure your file isn't
corrupted somehow. Google "mdsum" and you can find different mdsum checkers
for windows. You should be able to pop the CD into your drive and reboot and
go into the knoppix desktop without entering anything except hitting the
enter key.
Make sure that your laptop will boot from the optical drive first. That is
accessed in your BIOS, but you already know that!

Kenneth Wolf

"M.L." <me@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> After downloading and burning a Knoppix CD, upon insertion I got a
> "non-emulation boot" statement and the boot just hung there.
> I reburned the CD using CDburnerXP Pro, which allows me to select
> among several boot types of which I chose "floppy disk emulation."
> Upon insertion the CD boots into Caldera DOS and finishes at the A
> prompt. However, I don't know how to make it execute the Knoppix CD
> from there. I can switch to the CD drive and read the Knoppix disk
> files, but I can't find an equivalent to a "setup.exe" to launch the
> CD. Any help on launching Knoppix under these conditions will be
> greatly appreciated. Thanks.