Re: RS/6000 320H part three

supervinx schrieb:

> I told you about an RS/6000 320H

does it belong into the "PS/2 hardware" category?

Login ? Who can login ?
Root ? And which password ?

ask the previous owner ...

Bah seems that the only way is to reinstall AIX ...

not necessarily.

I need some hints:
1) The prompt was green on "pure" black: is it correct or there's
something wrong ?

That's OK. Once logged in, start the desktop with "xinit".

2) do you know if I can remove the HD and mount the fs on Linux ? I
gave a quick google search but no sure answer (Linux supports jfs, but
I can't find a precise answer).

I highly doubt that.

If I can mount it, it's possible to
crack the password ?

I highly doubt that too. And it's not necessary.

4) where can I find a copy of AIX 3 ? Should I mount an external SCSI
CD drive or it's all done by floppies ?

People say a CD version of AIX 3 exists, but I never saw one.
It mostly came on tape.
For "cracking" the password you may use the four or five boot floppies,
e.g. from
but other locations may carry them too.
With these you can boot into maintenance mode, access the rootvg
and change or erase the root password.