RS/6000 320H part three

Hi !
I told you about an RS/6000 320H ... it was without kbd, mouse and
monitor (mounting a type 1-1 3W3 video card)
From the "booting" sound (and from display codes) I assumed it was
OK ... so I purchased a Nec P750 (used but in excellent conditions)
and a 3W3 to 3 BNC cable.
I connected an RS/6000 kbd (I found it in my ... vault), monitor and
cable ... after some struggling I got the IBM AIX RISC 6000 version 3
console login ... ah ...
Login ? Who can login ?
Root ? And which password ?
Bah seems that the only way is to reinstall AIX ...
I need some hints:
1) The prompt was green on "pure" black: is it correct or there's
something wrong ?
2) do you know if I can remove the HD and mount the fs on Linux ? I
gave a quick google search but no sure answer (Linux supports jfs, but
I can't find a precise answer). If I can mount it, it's possible to
crack the password ?
4) where can I find a copy of AIX 3 ? Should I mount an external SCSI
CD drive or it's all done by floppies ?

Thanks ... thanks ... thanks ... thanks