Re: Passage to Club 397...7012-397

wm_walsh@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Looks nice all around. -397, all four memory cards, a nice
selection of MCA boards - quite a pull.

For not really knowing what to do with it just yet, I'm pretty happy
with what I got.

Is the SSA adapter likely to be interesting or useful to me? I don't
have or know anything about SSA other than the info Louis has. Since I
probably don't need it, does anyone want it?

I/O is more or less the largest bottleneck on this computer (SCSI, then MCA). SSA should give you better performance than any of the MCA SCSI options. Of course you will need to get an SSA enclosure. These are large, not as common as SCSI, and have smaller disk capacities so unless one tumbles your way it may not be practical.

I'd say pull it so it isn't using resources, and keep it in case something comes up down the line.

That is the best MCA SSA card as well, with RAID.

I have a stack of SSA cards pulled for similar reasons.

The CD-ROM drive appears to be incorrectly installed...I'm not sure
how I will straighten that out.

Physically, or otherwise?

Physically. I'd press the eject button to open the tray and it would
come open at an angle. I couldn't quite understand just what the
problem was...until I took a careful look at the drive itself. Then I
realized that the metal housing was very much in place inside the
drive bay...the drive's innards had slipped down, leaving the bezel in
place and holding much of the weight from the drive.

I'll blame United Parcel Smashers for that one. (Apologies to anyone
who works for UPS, and a confession: I'm really not unhappy with their
shipping services. I just think that "United Parcel Smashers" sounds

UPS seems to be good at this kind of thing. Never had a problem with other carriers.

So I just pushed the drive back together. Still waiting to see if it
will actually read anything. Is it likely to be the DVD-ROM drive that
I'm going to need, or a CD-ROM drive? (I can't see the label on the
drive right now.)

DVD media wasn't used until AIX 5.2+ AFAIK. That's not to say a DVD drive will not work. If it is indeed broken, try whatever is on hand. IBM or Plextor may be safe. I don't know if it expects specific VPD.

Unless you are dead set on tape, CD 1 of suitable AIX media will
boot when the machine is in service mode.

I guess I'd put it like this. I have a DDS2 tape drive that I know (or
at least strongly believe) to be a valid boot device for the RS/6000.
At some point I guess I'd like to try it, although I suppose I can run
makesysb on my own when the system works.

Again, from my plunging into the RS/6k boot process, it is extremely simple. [To the point of elegance.] At most the drive might need "correct" VPD to be recognized. I'd say install with CD, get a decent config, and roll your own tapes to fall back on if something gets borkd.

I'd say the first order of business is rigging a hard disk in there
(the bottom 5.25" bay looks like a good target).

You read my mind. Would a 15K RPM ~30GB SCA drive be OK to use with an
appropriate adapter fitted? Or is that too big? If it is, how big of a
drive should I use?

I have a 36GB drive in mine, no problem. Should give you plenty of breathing room. Two drives are useful if you want to practice setting up a mirror. AIX LVM is very nice..