Re: info request on Future Domain MCS-700...


> I recently got a nifty Future Domain MCS-700 MCA SCSI card from a
> person getting out of the hobby. I'm thinking I should use it instead
> of the onboard SCSI in the 8557SLC that I have, so I can use the
> external CD-ROM (thanks Tim) and internal hard drives larger than 1GB.

Hang onto that thought for a minute. If memory serves, the 8557 is
definitely IML-based. You'll need to use either the onboard SCSI or a
genuine IBM MCA SCSI adapter of some sort. "Other" adapters (even the IBM
branded Future Domain card) don't work as the primary disk controller in
PS/2s requiring IML.

You could use the FD card as a secondary adapter for your external CD.
Disable or remove the BIOS ROM and it will work well with the help of
appropriate device drivers.

I don't know what the size limit of drives attached to the FD card is.
However, BIOS 1.00 seemingly does not take over 1GB drives and *may* have
issues with CD-ROM drives. BIOS 1.01 addresses both of these problems.

As for the power is limited in how much power it can supply.
In a system that does not have any standard four pin power plugs (like a
Model 50, 55 or 70) the onboard power plug is a quick way to plug in a
standard drive without modifying the system unit to supply power. I'd be
leery of going over 500mA for each of +5 and +12V, especially in systems
with smaller supplies.