A different approach to MCA Linux........

Guys and Gals and all you weary-laden........

I have laid aside (temporarily until Nicolas gets home) my attempt to
get my machine to see the CDROM. I have a complete other TP700C/3550
setup with a SCSI hard drive (535mb) in the bay instead of a CDROM.

Here it is with all the trimmings:

1. 125mb ESDI hard drive in the TP.

2. 535 SCSI hard drive in the bay of the dock.

3. MSDOS6.22 and WFW installed.

4. Networked with an old Hayes BNC ethernet card.

5. Accessible by any machine and CDROM in the network.

6. Have a Slackware CD in a drive and it is accessible (using WFW, of

Can someone give me a hint as to copying Slackware files to the SCSI
hard drive and then installing Slackware from there? Remember the
TP700c has a tiny hard drive.

CT the Reinvigorated