Re: eBay IBM 7588 Industrial Computer 166Mhz Pentium

Hi Evil-Dave (where did this originate from again?)...

"David L. Beem" <David@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:42fe3599$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Hi Tim,
> > Those look like all ISA adapters....
> Yes, the 7587 & 7588 are a SBC with the PCMIG/ISA bus put into whatever
> needed backplane. Those backplanes with more PCI slots use the DEC 21150
> bridge chip(s). This one looks to be the heavily ISA model (no worries, so
> is one of mine).
> > Louis has detailed some, if not all the MCA-bus 75xx
> > series, IIRC.

I posted that later, in the "other" branch. Any other stuff not "visible".

Tim Clarke (a.k.a. WBST)