Re: Chkdsk says it's a RAW drive!

mm <NOPSAMmm2005@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The message said, roughly.

You have a RAW drive. Chkdsk will not work with a RAW drive.

This used to be a FAT32 drive that ran winME, and chkdsk used to work
on it. Wha' happened?

Can a HDD go bad just sitting around, like batteries do?

Yes. The surface magnetization weakens over time.
Electrolyte capacitors go bad. Lubrication fluid
may leak or go bad. HDDs are unsuitable as a
long-term storage or archival medium.

I haven't used my IBM Thinkpad 600E for a couple years. For the last
3 months I've been searching for the power cord, which should have
been on the floor right next to the computer. Impatient, I took the
drive out of the computer, verrry easy to do, and connected it via a
Rosewill RCW618 SATA/IDE adapter cable, and the directory structure
was there, and some files, and I could copy them, but many files
seemed not to be there, or couldn't be read. I tried .jpg files
especially because it's easy to tell if they "work". Some appeared
quickly, others seemed not to appear at all, and one showed up after
minutes I think, after first only the top quarter of the picture
showed, and I had gone to an entirely different program for ten
minutes, and came back to find the picture fully displayed.

But eventually the "F: drive" dropped off the list of drives in
Windows Explorer!! I could unplug it and plug it back in, but this
time it came and went faster.

Sounds like a lot of retries needed to read.

So I tried other hardware, a 2 1/2 inch enclosure that I'd never used
before. Again I could see the directory structure, and lists of files
with their lengths, etc. but many were missing.

So even now the drive works a little but chkdsk says it's a RAW drive.

Chkdsk, like many other MS "tools" is of atrocously bad
quality. Ignore whatever it sais, it is misleading.

Any suggestions as to how to get my data off.

Thanks a lot.

FTR, I already copied 3 years ago all the .jpg files to another
computer which is backed up. All I really would like is the email t
that I sent and got on a trip I took, since I plan to got there again,
and really only a couple addresses, which I can eventually replace,
but maybe there are things I've forgotten.

Ordinarily, I would suggest professional data recovery from a
reputable (!) outfit. (Lots of fraudulent and incompetent
ones out there...).

In this case, locate the specific files, and try to copy them
a dozend times or so. If that does not work, then professional
data recovery is the only chance and it is a slim or really
expensive (>> 1000 EUR/USD) one.

But quite frankly, your chances are slim. Better prepare to
deal with not getting this data and think about what to do
differently next time.

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