Re: WD Passport WD1600U017-005

bblr <bblr.34k3hr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have a WD 160GB Passport that may have died. When I plug it in I
can feel the drive spinning and the little green arrow shows up in
the lower right hand corner to "safely remove hardware" , however the
drive letter does not show up in the my comuter file. If I
right-click on my computer, it locks things up, but if I disconnect
the WD Passport, then the right-click works properly. If I
right-click on my computer and click device manager with the WD
Passport plugged in, it once again locks up the computer. Now if I
open the device manager without the WD Passport plugged in, click on
disk drives, only the main hard drive appears. But if I now plug in
the WD Passport, it does show up under disk drives, and if I click on
the WD drive, it tells me that the device is working properly. I did
back up my data about a month ago, but if possible would like to
retrieve as much as I can. I will try the bag and freezer trick as a
last resort. Please help if you can. Hopefully my drive is not
totally dead. Thanks

The USB stack can get rather screwed. See what happens on a different PC if you can.