Re: Possible to delete RAID metadata from hard drives?

Previously Arno Wagner <me@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Previously Howard Griffin <hrg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
So, I guess there's no way to do this non-destructively, correct?

Oh, you want to do it nondestructively. Sotty, missed that.
There is. But you need to calculate the position of the
metadata block right and give the correct offset to dd_rescue.
Better avoid that, since it is likely to go wrong on the first

You can mount the disks individually by first breaking
the RAID set. Depending on the version of the RAID tools
you have, ''raidstop'' or ''mdadm'' with some option is
what you are looking for. As soon as the raid is stopped,
you can use an ordinary mount to mount the individual
disks or paritions. The next autodetect will assemble the
RAID though.

Another thing that may prevent autodetection is setting the
partition type back from "fb" (raid autodetect) to "82"
(or was it "83"? Don't remember, but is marks an ordinary
Linux parition). This only prevents auto-start/assembly by
the kernel, not by some additonal scripts your partition
may have.

I just had a look at the madam man-page. It seems deleting
the metadata is as easy as a
"mdadm --zero-superblock <disk/partition>".
Of course you have to stop the RAID array the disk/partition is
part of first. "mdadm --stop /dev/md<device>" should do that.

Sorry for not spotting this first, I am still a novice user
of the new mdadm tool.