Re: xp activation: moving cdrom counts against you

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No, I have no interest in using LINUX, thanks anyway.

Then maybe you should push for MS finally respecting you as a
customer, not as one of the unwashed masses that should pay
for the privilege of using their stuff.

Not that I am surprised that XP is too stupid to detect that
a drive was only moved.


Thanks, that was good. I just went over to
news:microsoft.public.windowsxp.setup_deployment and used your
response in reply to one of their MVP's who told me I paid too
little for their product.

You might like this here also:

Seems their greed knows little limits. What keeps surprising me
is that they can get away with this mistreatment of the customer.
If that is not a strong sign of an actively abused monopoly,
I don't know what is.

Who, specifically do you perceive to be the "abused customers" here?
There's nothing new there except the definition of "different" which was
rather nebulous before and which if the license is to be enforceable at all
had to be nailed down eventually.

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