Re: Boot.ini question

"Gerhard Fiedler" wrote:
You don't understand the difference between "booting" and "starting

"Booting" is when the BIOS loads ntldr into memory and starts it.

The boot sector logic loads ntldr in memory and starts it, not the BIOS.
At least, that's what Microsoft documentation claims. |According to MS,
The BIOS loads the MBR into memory and starts it, then the MBR passes
control to the boot sector of the active partition.

"Starting Windows" is after ntldr reads boot.ini, optionally displays the
selection menu and starts Windows from the controller, drive, partition and
directory indicated by the chosen entry. This controller, drive and
partition does not have to be bootable by the BIOS.

One of the purposes is to allow selection of an extended partition or a
drive that the BIOS can't boot to start Windows.

It's not an Extended partition that boot.ini can select, it's one of the
logical drives ("partitions" in your parlance) *within* the Extended
partition. There may be many logical drives in an Extended partition,
and each of them can be designated by a unique "rdisk()" value.
None of those logical drives have a trio of boot files (i.e. no boot.ini,
no ntldr, no and none of them can be marked "active",
so booting is under the control of boot files in a Primary partition.


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