Re: Suggestion for home back-up?

pgrogan@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I am looking for a cost effective way to back up my digital pics,
> videos & music collection.  I currently have 2 PC's at home and
> a laptop that all need to be backed-up.  More specifically

> PC1 = XP Pro, 74GB  Raptor Drive (O/S and executable files)& 400GB
> SATA Western Digital (Has music, videos & other data files)
> PC2 = XP Pro, 200GB ATA Western Digital & 400GB SATA Western Digital
> Laptop = XP Pro 60GB, ONLY HAS USB 1.1

> Here is what I envision for back-up:

> - 74GB Raptor is imaged and stored on PC1 400GB Drive

> - Laptop is plugged in to network and imaged
> to PC1 400GB Drive once a week

> - PC1 & PC2 will synch with each other
> overnite (so that they are mirrors of each other)

> - Once a month I copy PC1 400GB Drive to Exteral Drive
> (do not have at this moment, but will be buying) and take off-site.

Thats fine unless you drop stuff much.

> My questions are this:

> What software will do this for me?  Will Acronis True Image work....


> and how many copis will I need?

Legally, two, practically one.

> Anyone else have a better idea or suggestions?

A higher rate of offsite might be better, say weekly, but only
you can say much about your risk of fire and theft etc and
what would be involved if the offsite is 1 month out of date
when you need to use it.