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>>>>>>>>>> I bought this notebook brand new 6 months ago.  It's an ACER
>>>>>>>>>> Aspire 3003WLCi.  Recently I've had a lot of problems with
>>>>>>>>>> applications "not responding" and having to be closed.   Upon
>>>>>>>>>> reboot recently i'm getting the message that one of my hard
>>>>>>>>>> disks needs to be checked for conisistency.  It does a checkup
>>>>>>>>>> of the disk (takes a long time) and then it reports that
>>>>>>>>>> "Windows replaced bad clusters in file .... " Does this mean
>>>>>>>>>> that my hard drive is failing (has failed?) and needs to be
>>>>>>>>>> rebuilt/replaced?
>>>>>>>>> Maybe, bit early to say yet. It could just be due to not
>>>>>>>>> shutting down properly.
>>>>>>>>>> Should I contact ACER about this problem (I
>>>>>>>>>> think I have 1 year warranty on the machine.)
>>>>>>>>> Yes.
>>>>>>>> I never just power off the computer.  I always fight with it to
>>>>>>>> close the unresposive applications and shut down using the
>>>>>>>> regular method (start/shutdown/restart.)
>>>>>>> OK, that's definitely the problem.
>>>>>>> You dont say which OS you are using, if it came
>>>>>>> with XP installed, I've never seen that with XP.
>>>>>>> Its pretty common with 98SE tho.
>>>>>>>> Well, I'm not getting any clicking or other noises.
>>>>>>>> I don't recall this happening immediately after doing any
>>>>>>>> changes or installations on the system, but at around the same
>>>>>>>> time, I have added an Epson C45 inkjet printer and installed
>>>>>>>> the software and drivers, as well as installing MS Visual
>>>>>>>> Studio .NET.  Again, i don't recall the problems occurring
>>>>>>>> immediately after either of those events, but it seems to have all 
>>>>>>>> started
>>>>>>>> happening at around the same time (memory is a bit fuzzy.)
>>>>>>> Yeah, I havent seen any problem with MS Visual Studio
>>>>>>> .NET producing that result with XP. I have seen quite a
>>>>>>> few problems with 98SE and shutdown tho.
>>>>>>> Its not strictly speaking a warranty problem if its due to
>>>>>>> what you have done to the system since you bought it.
>>>>>>> I wont make any further comments until you say
>>>>>>> which OS is involved other than to say that this
>>>>>>> has some pretty decent lists of the issues involved.
>>>>>> I'm using Windows XP Home, Sevice Pack 2.
>>>>> OK.
>>>>>> I checked out the website you linked to, and I saw this section:
>>>>>> "PROGRAMS HANG / BECOME UNRESPONSIVE. Sometimes programs don¡¯t
>>>>>> close down correctly, or hang for some other reason during the
>>>>>> Windows shutdown process. This freezes up, or at least
>>>>>> significantly delays, Windows shutdown.
>>>>> Cant say I have ever seen that happen with XP, any freeze
>>>>> up on shutdown. I have seen it take longer to shut down than
>>>>> normal but I have never had to turn the system off manually
>>>>> unless its got so screwed I cant even initiate a shutdown at
>>>>> all, and that is very very rare in my experience.
>>>>>> For example, a few people have reported an error message that
>>>>>> EXPLORER.EXE has become unresponsive during shutdown when they
>>>>>> have used Win XP¡¯s native CD-burning capabilities during that
>>>>>> Windows session.
>>>>> Cant say I have ever seen that either, but thats hardly surprising
>>>>> given that I never use the native CD burning at all.
>>>>>> If Windows is hanging because it can¡¯t force a program to
>>>>>> terminate, one solution is to disable the automatic end
>>>>>> task logic (AutoEndTask). Use this registry patch to force that
>>>>>> setting change. (Be sure to back up the Registry first.) "
>>>>>> Perhaps I should apply that patch and see if it clears the problem
>>>>>> up any?
>>>>> Are you actually seeing a hang during shutdown ?
>>>>>> One other thing I forgot to mention, and this could be critical
>>>>>> information, so I apologize for not mentioning before but It
>>>>>> slipped my mind, when I would finally get the machine to reboot
>>>>>> after fighting the nonresponsive applications, i would
>>>>>> occasionally get a Windows pop-up message just before the machine
>>>>>> went down for re-boot that there was some kind of memory error.
>>>>> Yeah, that is crucial info.
>>>>>> I wish I had written it down but usually referenced some kind of
>>>>>> memory address and that
>>>>>> there was an error reading, writing or fetching.
>>>>> The detail usually isnt significant, what matters
>>>>> is that its claimed ot be a memory error.
>>>>>> I'm sure I will get the error again soon and I will write down and
>>>>>> post here the exact syntax.   I guess this could be underlying the
>>>>>> whole problem?
>>>>> Yes it certainly could. Try the memtest86 ram
>>>>> diagnostic and let it run overnight etc. Its a pretty
>>>>> decent test of  occasional ram errors.
>>>> Well, looks like we're getting to the heart of the problem here...
>>>> I downloaded memtest86 and when I ran it it gave me the following
>>>> message:
>>>> "The system memory manager (EMM386.EXE) has detected an error caused
>>>> by a fault in one of the device drivers or programs loaded in the
>>>> system."
>>> Thats a tad weird. You sure you're actually booting the memtest86 CD
>>> ? There shouldnt be any EMM386.EXE involved since memtest86 is a
>>> standalone program that you boot off CD.
>>>> "Due to this fualt the system is probably in an unstable state, and
>>>> you are therefore recommended to reboot the computer immediately. If 
>>>> the problem persists then try to isolate which program is at
>>>> fault (if you have loaded several then load them one at a time
>>>> until the fault appears.)  Then contact the technical support 
>>>> department for
>>>> that program."
>>>> "Advanced Technical Information:
>>>> Exception 6 (Invalid Opcode)
>>>> DS=0070 ES=0100 EAX=EA0C0001 FS=0000 SS=0100 ESP=00000A34 GS=0000
>>>> CS=EA0C EIP=00000004 EBX=00007E18 ECX=0000FFFF EBP=00000A4C
>>>> ESI=000028DA EFLAGS=00023293 TR=0018 EDX=000F28D0 EDI=00122934
>>>> LDTR=0000 CR0=80000011 CR2=00000000 CR3=00121000 CR4=00000001
>>>> CS:[IP]=FF FF 7E 18 18 3C 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 18 3C
>>>> SS:[SP]=8870 3202 2995 2743 0018 0023 0083 0001 0A74 0000 0100 0070"
>>>> How can I now determine which program is at fault by loading them
>>>> one at a time until the fault appears?
>>> Looks more like you arent running memtest86 at all.
>>> Try using the ISO to make a bootable CD.
>> That is the message I get when I boot from the memtest86 cd.  I made
>> the cd yesterday and I just booted from it again to check and I got
>> the same message.
> OK, then you do have bad ram. EMM386.EXE does a crude
> ram check when it runs, so the ram must be very bad.
> No need to worry about other programs, none
> are involved when booting the memtest86 CD

Rod, are you sure it's a bad RAM problem?  I only ask because the memtest86 
message says that it has detected "an error caused by a fault in one of the 
device drivers or programs loaded in the system."

Should I rule out what it is saying about faulty device drivers or programs?


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