Re: How do companies achieve 12 MB/sec data transfer rate

On Wed, 28 Sep 2005 11:38:19 -0400, "Peter" <peterfoxghost@xxxxxxxx>

>> You have very good points about Exabyte being a single-source and the
>> relative costs of VXA and LTO, for media costs in particular. I like
>> the higher media capacities of the newer generations of each kind of
>> drive, but I am concerned about the 12 MB/sec data transfer rate, in
>> my home LAN network.
>> How do corporations achieve that kind of data rate? What network
>> hardware? What backup software?
>Why only 12MBps, 540MBps is on the horizon:
>or 160MBps for now:
>Through hosts attached to the SAN?

Uh, I don't (yet) have a SAN on my home network. Maybe some day, but
not now. Let's get back to reality.