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In message <1125320401.192785.254960@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, wthomas69@xxxxxxxxx writes
i have a cable modem going into a netgear 4 port wireless router, if i
want to share my broadband internet on 6 or 7 pcs what equipment do i
need to buy (would a hub or switch after the router do it?)any help is

If you have windows or similar, then I would suggest that you have:-

1. A non-wireless router (wireless is too slow and insecure).
2. A firewall
3. A hub
4. 7 or 8 PC's

If you decide to connect the firewall to your PC's with a wireless connection, then you don't need a hub.

If you really want wireless (laptops etc) then you can have ethernet + wireless if you are really careful.

Jeremy Boden

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