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So, sometime in 2010 then.

You're supposed to say 'What year?'

Well, it's long been done on the PC side. They've just been working on
the console side.

Which is why none of us faithful crpgers here should ever sink another
dollar into Lie-o-ware shitware.

Actually, the PC version was finished, but they used the time to improve
game even further.

The truth is, it's just a lame excuse - no doubt they'll be dumbing down
UI & gameplay to provide a 'unified' & 'consistent' experience across all

Bzzzt. WRONG. You lose - go take a lollipop from the jar and suck on it in
the corner.

Hey, that's good news then. That is if I understand correctly that you meant
that the PC version will be distinct from the console versions and take
advantage of the better platform? Let's hope you're right Jonah.

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