NWN2: Storm of Zehir ROCKS!

I got NWN2 years ago when it was released. Played it for a bit and
abandoned it (couldn't get used to the controls). A few months ago I
started again, luckily by then I had new options for party control
(basically, detach camera from PC) that allowed me to play the game.
Still, I found myself almost forcing me to keep playing, which I
eventually did. Then I continued with Mask of the Betrayer, which I
liked even less (I just don't like the munchkinism of the epic levels
in D&D in general), but I kept on playing. Last Thursday I finished
it and installed SoZ... AND WHAT A DIFFERENCE!
- Make your own party. It's been so long since I had this feeling,
spending hours trying to come out with a party configuration I want,
but even worse, since now each character can have prestige classes (to
maintain my sanity I restricted myself to 2 classes and 1 prestige
class). AWESOME
- Start the game, I'm not part of any prophesy with a big destiny to
save the world! I'm just a bunch of adventurers doing their own stuff.
- You die and... you die! AWESOME!
- Establish a trading empire... AWESOME!
- Try resting 5 minutes after you rested and... you can't! AWESOME!

I'm really loving this game, originally I thought I wouldn't like it
because of its open-world approach, but it's ok, I don't explore away
from the road and I always have stuff to do telling me where to go so
it's not so open as to make me uncomfortable like in other games.
I do miss inter-character interactions though, but guess you can't
have both.