Re: Damn that "RPG of year" crap!

Shawk wrote:
JAB wrote:
Shawk wrote:
Andrew Rybenkov wrote:
The Witcher

tedious over-longed intro, and guess what? - CLICKFEST!
Be ready to click when cursor icon would change for a fraction of second.
Uhu - ingenious addition to RPG genre.

They wanted to make beautiful fighting? Then they should learn better from
Played it 10 minutes, and quitted. When I will need free space on my HD, it's
the first to be erased.

Damn reviewers that think system-hog graphics is the only thing a game needs.

Witcher - yeah, - Twitcher.

Combat 'is' the worst part of the game. I don't tend to like games I can play just as well with a console controller but that aside it is a decent game. I managed to look past the combat and enjoy the rest.

I actually quite like the combat as it gives a bit of action to the game and means you don't have the start-stop style of combat you get in many games - more immersion IMHO. What I would like to see is STALKER with more RPG elements which to me means having a much stronger story line and no so reliant on combat, not necessarily continuous 'powering up' of stats. I mean just how is it you go from lowly little pleb to master of the universe in what seems like two weeks flat in most games?

What can I say... I like combat but I like the visceral thrill of aiming myself and swinging that sword or pulling that trigger. Rolling a dice or mashing buttons doesn't do it for me. Has to be a little more personal. If I was an angst-ridden teenager and not an old fart there'd probably be reason to be concerned... ;-)

I suppose The Witcher gets the nice dividing line for me with it's based on you stats but still has some of you own skill attached - remember to dodge during fights! Same sort of reason I like ME.

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