Re: writing quality of The Witcher

Thus spake "Brandon J. Van Every" <bvanevery@xxxxxxxxx>, Sat, 15 Mar 2008
14:24:01 -0700 (PDT), Anno Domini:

It was nominated for a 2008 Writer's Guild Award, but it was beaten by
Dead Head Fred. A
guy who worked on Dead Head Fred makes some comments about the award,
especially why Bioshock was absent from the list of nominees.

I'm playing The Witcher demo. I'm at the point where green hellhounds
summarily kill me. So far I've seen no evidence of high quality
writing. Characters, bad guys, and plot elements are predictable.
Dialogue is terrible. Maybe the original Polish dialogue and voice
acting were better. Some people believe that the voice acting was
outsourced and performed without direction, resulting in mediocrity. But was the original Polish
dialogue anything special to begin with? By screenwriting standards,
what I hear in the English version is bland, devoid of style, turn of
phrase, wit, insight, character, or poignancy. Who cares what these
guys are saying, it's perfunctory blah blah blah.

How far does one have to get into the game, before seeing evidence of
the supposedly good writing? Is it actually *good* writing? Would it
stand up to a mass public accustomed to Hollywood level writers? Or
is it merely better than the atrocious writing of the game industry in

Played many crpgs in recent years? Would you like a blowjob with that too
sir? Pfft.