Re: What games are you eagerly anticipating?

"Nostromo" <nostromo@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Wolfing wrote:

A XBox360 or PS3 ain't far off that price down here, so why would one
to go down that path?

You don't, you get a PS2 on your good ol' TV, and play the hundreds of
games out there at reduced prices :)

Heh, even in my small lounge I'd be squinting to see that pixellated crap
from my couch! And I ain't got a 'normal' tv any more (except for the
small one in the bedroom), so there's no way I'm gonna settle for a 4:3
PAL-quality console on my 40" widescreen, sitting in front of it on the
floor like an 8-yr-old, when I can play on my 19" PC LCD in glorious
1280x1024 with an ergonomic, executive full-back chair! ;-p

Hrmmm, you just said what I did in an earlier post, yet so much more
elegantly :p This is exactly why I don't understand the attraction of
consoles. A well setup computer station is infinitely more comfortable and
ergonomic than any couch/tv setup. It's hard to slouch while playing a game
too (at least for me) and since couches are made for slouching the two just
don't mix.



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