Re: LotRO: The time will come...

On Wed, 25 Apr 2007 18:54:39 GMT, Sheldon England
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Michael Cecil wrote:

Badbark wrote:

I've quit WoW but will remember it fondly. I don't want
to play LotRO as it's too similar to WoW.

So there is some kind of game called Wow? I was thinking that
talk was just concerning the Vista Wow campaign.

In case you aren't just being cheeky, World of Warcraft (the most
popular of the modern MMORPGs). Otherwise, don't be so cheeky! ;)

So Blizzard finally jumped onto Ultima Online's bandwagon, eh?
I never much cared for Warcraft. BTW, "most popular" isn't the same as
best. But I'm sure you know that.
Michael Cecil aka Turos [Elendilmir]