Re: LotRO: The time will come...

Thus spake "chainbreaker" <noone@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Tue, 24 Apr 2007 09:26:15
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Peter Huebner wrote:
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And in the back of my mind I keep mulling over that super-detailed
wooden ship model I'd like to build before my fingers quit
working--probably a pipe dream, but I stlll keep thinking about it.

In my personal experience the eyes give up before the fingers. I find
myself in constant need of a 500W halogen flood on my shoulder and
several magnifying glasses in front of my eyes every time I try to do
some super-detailed work. The fingers are still as steady as ever ...


So you're a modeler then? Great! Sometimes I almost wish I'd never taken
up computer gaming. Had I not, I would likely have devoted the time to
modeling myself, and would have that ship model already behind me, and
perhaps many more. Oh well, such are the choices we make.

<sigh> You had to mention the eyes . . . that combined with ever more
arthritic fingers indeed make a sorry modeling combo. Heh, perhaps a 15
piece snap-together kit is more realistic for me. :-)

BTW, for Zag--the last model I built was a Tamiya kit--a P51D, the pinnacle
and pride of my modeling career until my grandson managed to get a hold of
it about 5 years ago. :-)

I actually did some models as an early teen, & then some flyable model RC
airplanes. Mind you, my modeling was restricted to some planes & a whole
lotta Star Wars stuff *blush*. My fingers were definitely made for writing &
typing I'm sad to say *sigh*