Re: Neophyte looking for game for beginner.

Thus spake "Hexe" <greywitche@xxxxxxxxx>, 30 Apr 2006 12:59:07 -0700, Anno

What do you mean by turn-based? I'm looking for single player games so
only I know I'm an idiot.

If you listen to CB's advice, blow your money on Oblivion & you'll
definitely feel like an idiot within a few short hours <grin>.

If "The Settlers - HOK" is strategy, I don't want strategy. My sister
had Zelda (may have been the first-ever Zelda) which I enjoyed until I
got to the monsters. I enjoy the questing bits not the fighting bits.

Settlers:HOK is *definitely* a strat game, through & through. I've played
previous versions & the demo for this one & from what I've seen & read,
they've royally screwed the franchise by dumbing it down & removing so much
of what made previous titles great & allowing the consolitis bug to bite
(that's when they develop a game for consoles to cater to the lowest common
denominator of gaming intelligence i.e. the typical console player, with
sub-par IQ & the attention span of a gnat, & then port it across to the PC
with little or no changes to accommodate the totally different platform).

I guess what I am looking for is RPG if my choices are RPG, Strategy or
whatever Adventure is.

I would strongly recommend Vampire The Masquerade:Bloodlines if it wasn't
for the bugs & manual TLC & patching it requires to run properly (are you
fairly PC literate, do you know your way around zip files, folder & files in
general on the PC?). It's got a Vampire theme & touches on all the genres
you mention quite nicely, without getting too bogged down in the rpg stats,
skills & items i.e. you can just play & learn from your mistakes quite
happily. Another similar, slightly older, hybrid is Anachronox, which I
haven't played (except the demo), but many here have praised. Failing that,
download yourself any of Spidersoft's shareware games to get a feel for what
rpgs of old were like:
They're free for 1/4-1/3 of the game. I recommend the later Geneforge (1
character) or Avernum 4 (4 chars) - don't worry about playing earlier ones -
they're standalone & explain the history at the start anyway. Good luck &
let us know what appeals or doesn't so we can provide further advice down
the track. ;)


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