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There are an awful lot of files in there -- hundreds of them-- and I
couldn't possibly list which files go in which folder.

A way to easily get a file listing is to use the command prompt. Navigate
to the folder you want ( e.g. cd "C:\Program Files\Crazy Game" ) and then
use the dir command like this:

Dir > Listing.txt

That will create a file called Listing.txt, containing a full file listing
of that folder. You can also use all the extra switches for the command,
for example /S to get a full listing of all subfolders, too. So if you
execute the following command in the folder containing the game, you will
get a complete list of the files in that folder and all subfolders without
all the extra information:

Dir /S /B > Listing.txt

With hundreds of files, the list will still be a bit big to post here, but
I suppose someone who has the game could mail the list to Mick? Of course,
that may still not be enough, since the installer probably puts things in
the registry - some of those may also be needed to run the game - and it
may also put things in other folders, such as the user's folder. It could
be worth a try, but I wonder if not the easiest solution is to contact the
publisher and request a replacement disc.

You may be right about trying to get a replacement disc. I am playing
Anacapri and looked at the number of files and because the game is mainly
jpgs because of so many videos, there are many jpg files and many wav files
too. I saw 4.2 G of wav files and jpgs and 2.17G jpgs - more jpgs than wav
files in the game. I could mail the list of jpgs and wav files, but I don't
know if thats what Mick needs, or or wants or if that would help him.There
are hundeds of jpgs and wav files.