Re: Game Collecting - what's the point?

> Why does anyone collect PC games? It seems to me that the only
> win/win situation is when you have an unopened game and sell it to
> someone who can't test it. Systems are changing too fast.

I work for a company that deals in numismatics (the collecting of
things, mainly coins, tokens, and banknotes) and I have learned that
people will collect ANYTHING. We don't know why.

In this business there is a motto: "The value of something exactly what
one person is willing to pay and another is willing to accept. No more,
no less."

I've seen the ugliest slags of copper worth $80,000.00. People collect
cap badges, bottlecaps, buttons, transit and gaming tokens, telephone
cards, pens, little porcelain figurines (which are artistic at least),
and much more bizarre junk. Just how valuable and useful can a
50-year-old bottlecap be?!

I personally think they're all crazy.

- Sheldon, once a music collector until the industry died