Re: Rikard - re: Nathan's Second Chance

"Opsimath" wrote in news:arhqn1t75fvg8bouofool3dhl76ibgog2m@xxxxxxx:

> Thanks for the link. I downloaded and spent an hour or more playing
> the game when my computer experienced a total crash. This happened
> when all I had left to do was find an address - headed across the
> street but stopped at the fence to take some more flowers. At this
> point, the computer locked up.

The game author is now aware of that bug and is planning to release
a fixed version. Until then: Don't pick flowers from the right hand

> If you continue playing, could you let me know when you reach this
> spot? I am not going to go through all that again; if you have a
> saved game at that point, I would be most grateful if you'd share
> it with me.

Unfortunately, I only have a save a bit past that point. Maybe someone
else has one?