Re: ROTS - yeah I know this is from 200, but I still have a question on it.

gheinrich@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I just purchased ROTS (I'm a little behind the times) and have a
question about one of the puzzles that none of the walk-throughs
address. I moved the yacht in the yacht room BEFORE I opened Sobek's
archway door. Now the stones on the side of the archway won't allow me
to push on them (they don't move) I have to start the game over or
is there something I'm missing?? They did move before I moved the
yacht, but won't move now.

Any suggestions? (I really need Sobek's tablet to finish the game!)

Thanks, George

I tried to reproduce what you have described but the stones always move for me. You may be too close to Sobek to be able to push the stones. The correct position is one back from the closest you can get to Sobek.