Re: any mobo suggestions?

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johns wrote:
Heh! If you really want to kick-ass !

Isn't that the mobo that has cold start problems?

I was looking at that or the Abit IP35. I like Gigabyte but this one seems to have issues.
Hah. I have been looking at MB's also and it seems that there is an issue with every model. I was going to use the Abit but then I read some problems with the Corsair PSU I want to use. I am now looking at the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 because it runs the coolest and least power.

Hmm, something I hadn't really considered - PSU compatibility (using the 580w Hiper modular here). Better get Googling...

Nice board BTW...

I like to make my PC's very quiet (I use 5.1 headphones so not to bother the wife ;) ). Low power and heat can be made quiet so that's why I am considering the Gigabyte. The Corsair PSU are very quit, efficient and high quality. I have no idea how a certain brand PSU can have problems with certain MB. I have also read that some users have had no problems with them. If I search some more I will probably find a problem with the Gigabyte MB.

A good source of information and of folk that are happy to help out new posters is...

Personally I did an upgrade last year but was at the limit of the budget so bought a cheap Asrock mobo. It's been great with no issues at all however i want to try o-clocking the E6600 I have and this is not the mobo for that. Plus I just got 2gb of Geil 800 ram for a price I couldn't resist but the mobo only supports up to 667.