Re: Widescreen gaming just a passing fad?

* Garrot:

Yea, it's the same thing with HDTV. You get yourself one them
expensive HDTV's, you pay for HDTV service too and then find that 90%
of the broadcasting is in 4:3 anyway. What a bunch of chumps you all
are for falling for this shit. I had a 26" widescreenHDTV and ended
up getting burn in from playing most games and watching TV at 4:3.

What "expensive HDTV" did you had? A Plasma TV?

not putting up with the short fat people on the screen as most people
do. Took the POS Viewsonic back to Costco and got a refund and went
back to lovely 4:3 CRT. I am now back to CRT for both TV and computer
use. Bring on the new technology because this LCD shit is just that -

So just because you bought a obviously POS monitor you're reflecting your very limited exerience to a whole technology? What a wise decision....not.

I'm into widescreen gaming for almost ten years now (started with a Sony FW900 24" Widescreen CRT) and around the same time in TFTs (my first TFT was a SGI 1600SW 16.3" Widescreen TFT with 1600x1024 resolution). And I find them just great. I also use LCD for TV. Except the fact that displays that are not line-based (like LCD, Plasma or TFT) has some problems displaying PAL which works with alternating lines which results in artifacts if there is some fast movement in the scene. But for high quality content (i.e. DVD, BD, HDDVD etc) it's just great.

LCDs have a lot of advantages over CRT: no flickering (means no headaches or eye strain), with digital connection also a perfect image quality, no convergence problems, no variation in sharpness, no X-rays, no electric field shooting dust particles in your face, less heat, less space consumption, less energy consumption, no image degradation because of ageing (the only thing that ages is the backlight but it usually has a very long life and it's colour temperature remains constant over the majority of it's lifetime). LCD is nothing new and already a proven technology that is used for a broad range of applications. Go figure.

Unlike conventional displays with 4:3 and 5:4 aspect ratio widescreen is much more appropriate to the human field of vision. Most TV broadcasts today are in widescreen (well, at least in most parts of Europe), it's great for gaming (if the game supports it), and it's also great for most "real" applications since it provides more space for toolbars, two page display etc.

There's definitely *no* way I'd go back to the ancient CRT or to 4:3/5:4 aspect ratio displays. Never.