Re: Help me pick a new nVidia card

"Trimble Bracegirdle" <no-spam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
With the sort of price you seem to have in mind the 7600GT (NOT the GS) is
considered the best buy.
(")_(") mouse

I just read a March 06 review of the then newly-introduced 7600 and 7900
cards, which compares them to earlier nVidia cards. Glad I didn't install
the 7600.

What do I find? The new mid-range 7600 is rated as being "competitive" with
older, high-end cards such as the 6800GT (my current card). Do I need to
spend $130 for a card that will "competitive" with my current card? I think
not. :)

So now I'm back to either getting a dx9-only 7950 for $200 plus.....or
making the jump to a mid-range 8800, which will support dx10, when I make
the switch to Vista in a couple of years. I'm starting to wonder if I
should even upgrade at all. Too many variables and my current performance
isn't that degraded.


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