Re: Doom3 ROE expansion pack problems: won't start, etc...

Walter Mitty wrote:
FoolsGold <fg@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

pc games wrote:
On Wed, 07 Mar 2007, PW wrote:

I uninstalled Doom 3 and the expansion pack and everything is fine so
far. I think it was probably because I patched Doom 3 to 1.3 before
installing the expansion pack
Great you solved the problem
Btw what you noticed id released a couple of weeks ago a 1.31 patch
It seems the only things it add is multiplayer against other platforms
and more compatibility with Vista, so if you neither use Vista or play
against other platforms I would say its not that necessary.
Doom 3 runs very nicely in Linux with the 1.31 patch, so it's not just
Vista support I'm guessing. There aren't enough people playing D3
online though.

What steps to run in Linux? OGL? Native?

Native binary, just as it should be. You just download the patch, run it, and copy the game PAK files from an existing install or off the game CDs/DVD.

iD have been good for the Linux community.