Re: Quake4 - performance

opity wrote:
I just installed Quake4. The game is pretty well done, but the performance
on some parts (plenty of enemies, quick movement, very open spaces) feels
a little choppy. I play with low quality selected, resolution is 800x600.

I have:
Athlon XP 2000
512 MB RAM
Nvidia 6600GT

My system is on the minimum requirements, so I don't complain about the
choppy parts. I want to know what is causing the choppiness though. From
reading on the web I think it's my RAM, and the game will run without
choppiness if I double the RAM. Is it true, or if I upgrade my RAM the
choppiness will continue? In other words, what is my bottleneck for this

Please note that I'm a linux user and have installed this on my Ubuntu

I played through Quake 4 using an Athlon 2000, 1GB PC133 RAM, and a
Nvidia 6200 256MB using Medium detail at 800x600 (32bpp). I found
performance acceptable and solid most of the time. In a few situations
it started to get choppy but appeared smooth most of the time. I'm
sure it wasn't running at 60fps or anything but smoothly nonetheless.
This was on Windows XP.

I have no idea what the difference might be in regards to performance
between the Linux and XP binaries. If they're similar then it'd appear
that not having one gigabyte of RAM is the culprit.

Best Regards, mat