Re: Logitech G7/G5 Gaming Mouse Whos using one. Thoughts on it ?

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> I have the Logitech G5 as well but I love it! It's an immense upgrade
> from my previous Microsoft Optical Intellimouse.
> I'll start with what I *don't* like about the G5.
> The weights as Highlandish mentioned become dislodged easily by any
> bump or drop of the mouse. I've had them ejected from the mouse base
> a couple of times when it slid off of the desk due to my own
> carelessness. Fortunately I've never had the actual weights fall out
> of the bed-unit they're put into it. The entire bed has fallen out
> but never the individual weights thus far.
> The mouse wheel is a bit stiff which is nice for selecting individual
> weapons in games but for anyone who has bound /mwheeldown and
> /mwheelup to "+attack;wait" for hilarious, impractical dualies
> assaults it renders the tactic even more inefficient. The stiff
> action in comparison to other mice is either a bonus or a hindrance
> depending on your preference.
> The soft, fabric cord of the mouse is of a sufficient length and
> discourages the coiling and twisting I've experienced with more
> traditional rubber tubing used with other mice. At first the folds in
> the cord took a while to come undone but after four weeks now it's
> working wonderfully.
> Having only a back button on the left side is a bit disappointing
> after having adjusted by web browsing to using a right 'forward'
> button on the side as with many Microsoft mice. Fortunately the
> mouse wheel itself also tilts left and right so adjusting the command
> from tilt input can allow for 'backward' and 'forward' commands while
> browsing the internet. Although such ability is nice it also is
> problematic due to its sensitivity. Often I've accidentally went
> back a page while reading a sight when I attempted to roll the mouse
> wheel down so as to bring up other paragraphs on a page.
> The weight bed and the method for securing it inside the mouse could
> be improved. The unit will not run away magically on its own but as
> mentioned earlier it will often eject when dropped. The switch
> holding the unit can be pressed in to release the bed which is a
> convenience for quickly adjusting the weights but problematic at the
> same time. It would've been nice if Logitech had allowed the user
> the option of securing the piece via a screw or something similar.
> That's my biggest complaint about the mouse and one that would appear
> easily fixed in future models.
> Now.. what I like about the mouse.
> The accuracy and resolution of its measurements are amazing! Image
> editing, sniping, and playing games are fun again. I had such
> frustration with my first generation MS Optical Intellimouse. I
> believe the unit was deteriorating with time as the degree of
> frustration during last year was no where near what I held toward the
> mouse when I first purchased it years ago. STILL the increased
> precision of the Logitech G5 over all other mice I've used is
> refreshing. Even better is that you can adjust the "DPI" of the laser
> on the fly via a pair of buttons below the mouse wheel! This is
> wonderful when you require a quick adjustment when sniping in a game
> or performing precise, per-pixel edits while working on an image.
> Another feature I love is that the mouse doesn't "deactivate" or going
> into stand-by mode for minutes after the last movement or input is
> recorded. This is invaluable in action games where you might wait for
> a few moments for the perfect shot while sniping or holding a spot.
> With my previous MS mouse it would deactivate seconds after the last
> input resulting in many missed opportunities in games. I eventually
> took to spinning my view in small circles while waiting for a shot so
> that the mouse wouldn't deactivate! Those days are long gone now with
> the Logitech G5.
> I love the feel of the mouse too. The mouse is ergonomic and fits
> with my hand like an extroverted glove. The rubber grips on the
> sides are a wise choice that has prevented the mouse from slipping
> ever while using it. The mouse wheel itself lacks marks across it
> which is a smart design choice since any one who has used a mouse
> wheel with indentations knows that gunk, such as dead skin and any
> unnoticed grim, can accumulate over years of use.
> I love this mouse despite some problems experienced with the weight
> bed and mouse wheel itself. I would recommend this mouse to other
> serious gamers and imaged editors. Hopefully the few design flaws
> will be addressed by future revisions of the model.
> 8/10

i'm thinking of tryin the Razor Diamondback

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